2020 Micro-Grant Winner: Katie Wimpari

About Katie:

I am married to my best friend, experience severe episodes of snaughling, and am perpetually covered in dog hair.

Grant Category: Writing

US Winner

Mental Health is Real and We’re Talking About It – But Are We Really Talking About It?

Project Vision:

I want to share the voices of the people on the ground as well as in the offices, and have this be a “katalyst” for firefighters to think about their health from a different perspective. The more we keep growing as people, the more we can adapt to change as wildland firefighters; and as we do that, we will see a shift in how we operate, plan, dispatch, and communicate. With this project I hope to convey that our mental health is not just a silly, cliche topic, but an overlooked aspect of our job and wellbeing.

Previous Work:

Favorite thing about firefighting:

The camaraderie and crazy stories shared with everyone.

More of Katie’s work: