Announcing our 2020 Wildland Fire Digital Storytelling Micro-Grant Recipients!

The American Wildfire Experience is proud to introduce the following sixteen talented wildland practitioners — recipients of our second annual Wildland Fire Digital Storytelling Micro-grant cycle.  Chosen from among many talented applicants, our selectees represent a cross-section of wildland firefighters and practitioners from all over the world intent on telling the story of wildland fire in creative, authentic, insightful and compelling ways.

Our digital storytelling grants are intended to help these wildland fire content creators/creatives–firefighters who are already creating and sharing their photography, videography, and/or writing with the broader wildland fire community–share their experience with fire on an even larger scale.  Each applicant was asked to create a project proposal that would help to tell the story of fire in an interesting and compelling way, and we are excited to see what they produce this season.  Click on the images below to read a short bio, synopsis of their proposed project, and examples of their current and previous work!

Kate Averett USA | Writing
Martin Greenwood Australia | Videography
Jake Murie USA | Photography
Justin Sullivan South Africa | Videography
Riva Duncan USA | Writing
Julian Hockley Canada | Writing/Photography
Joshua Neufeld/GVS Canada | Videography
Blake Toth USA | Photography
Leum Elvins Canada | Videography
Jonathan Kirshner USA | Photography
António Patrão Portugal | Videography
Fanny Tricone Belize | Videography
Warren Frey Australia | Photography
Iain Mcmillan Canada | Photography
Patrick Ryan South Africa | Photography
Katie Wimpari USA | Writing

Interested in donating to our Wildland Fire Digital Storytelling Micro-Grant Initiative?  Click here to view our sponsorship packet.

2020 Micro-Grant Initiative Donors:

Private Sponsors:

Peter and Jane Carpenter
Bethany Hannah