2020 Micro-Grant Winner: Justin Sullivan

About Justin:

I grew up with a fierce passion for wildlife, travel and conservation. While traveling through Germany in 2014, I discovered photography and began to up-skill myself on my return home by focussing on contemporary issues in South Africa. I quickly found a passion for wildfires in 2015 and have since devoted a large portion of my career towards documenting them and pushing for wildfire awareness and environmental conservation.

Grant Category: Photography/Videography

International Winner: South Africa

Ongoing Wildfire Awareness

Project Vision:

The creation of short and informative videos that highlight significant factors associated with wildfires. These videos will serve to educate the public and promote the work being done by the relevant authorities to manage wildfires. The information contained within the videos will be verified by wildfire professionals and the visual content will be a combination of archive and new materiel filmed during the 2020/2021 wildfire season.

Previous Work:

Favorite thing about firefighting:

The absolute beauty of Wildfire. As I often spend hours on end on top of a mountain observing wildfire, I cannot help but be mesmerised when standing face-to-face with one of Nature’s most powerful forces.

More of Justin’s work: