2020 Micro-Grant Winner: Jake Murie

About Jake:

I’ve been fighting fire for nine years, six of which have been on a hotshot crew. During the offseason I am never in the same place for long, either living out of my truck or backpack.

Grant Category: Photography

US Winner

2020: A Fire Season

Project Vision:

The project contains three parts. For part one I will take a portrait of crewmembers from my hotshot crew during the beginning of the season with the goal being to capture what we look like coming into a fire season; usually healthy, fit, and fresh from a barber. For part two, I will take a portrait of each crewmember on a shift towards the end of the season. In post processing I will merge the two photos with one half of the face from the start of season portrait, and the other from the end of the season portrait. The third part will contain photos taken throughout the season, acting as a narrative to show why the physical changes took place.

Previous Work:

Favorite thing about firefighting:

Hands down, I love the people and relationships that have come out of fire. It’s what brings me back year after year.

More of Jake’s work: