2021 Micro-Grant Recipient: Brittany Seibert 

About Brittany:

If you had asked me when I was a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, a career in wildland fire would have been one of the farthest considerations from my mind. I stumbled upon the career path by happenstance 13 years ago, fell in love [with the field], and have never looked back. I have worked all over the Province of British Columbia in a variety of roles, both in and out of the field, and have recently started a new role in wildfire prevention in Penticton, BC. Outside of fire, I spend my free time traveling as I’m a collector of destinations and memories.

Grant Category: Writing

Canadian Recipient

The Wildfire Landscape

Project Vision:

The vision is to capture the knowledge of the past, the lessons of the present, and the efforts for the future. The purpose is to utilize a multimedia approach to capture these three time periods of the wildfire landscape from a prevention and mitigation standpoint, and demonstrate how it relates to our current and future response and recovery efforts. The hope is to educate on how wildfires are changing and how through collective community efforts, we can shape our futures and the impact wildfire will play on them.

Previous Work:


Favorite thing about firefighting:

I have an unconditional love for firefighting… The good, the bad, and the ugly. There have been as many days filled with laughter and joy, as there have been days filled with anguish and cursatory frustrations. I wouldn’t trade any day spent firefighting for anything else. The time I have spent in this career has provided me with life long friends, life long memories, and life long lessons.

More of Brittany’s work: