2019 Micro-Grant Winner: William Robert Victor Eason

About William:

I am a Wildfire Fighter on a Unit Crew based out of Telkwa, British Columbia. I was born in the UK but raised in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Shoot me a message and there’s a good chance we’ll end up talking about wildfire, skiing, climbing or Brexit.


Grant Category: Photography

Project Vision:

This summer I’ll be documenting my Unit Crews Wildfire experience as we navigate the 2019 season. My vision is to bring to light the changing conditions Wildfire Fighters are experiencing and the ever-mounting challenges we face. By documenting what we call “the new normal” through the eyes of a wildfire fighter I hope to bring people face to face with the rapid and aggressive affects of climate change. I hope by contributing to the story of Wildfire we can start connecting some crucial pieces to the puzzle of how to live alongside these natural phenomenas. I’ll be posting my content regularly on Instagram: @willeasonphoto and on my website willeasonphoto.com.

Previous Work:

Favorite thing about firefighting:

My favourite thing about wildfire fighting is the people, the culture and the crazy adventures you find yourself in.

More of William’s work:

William’s Instagram
William’s Webpage