2021 Micro-Grant Recipient: Patrick Robinson

About Patrick:

I’m a Canadian Smokejumper taking time away from the fire line to make some maps that can help explain the ways wildfires burn. I love watching wildfires from above and believe there’s a lot of valuable information in aerial perspectives of burning wildlands!

Grant Category: Aerial Photography/Maps

Canadian Recipient

Mapping Wildfire: Aerial Perspectives

Project Vision:

This little project is all about aerial perspectives of wildfire. Images of wildfire taken from above, remote sensing products, interesting ways to map wildfire, and everything that goes along with it. Wildfires are becoming more frequent and severe and the technology we have to observe and understand them is pretty awesome now. That’s what fires me up and the hope is to share some of that inspiration.

Previous Work:

Favorite thing about firefighting:

The people, the experiences, and the memories! Birds eye view of wildfire burning is pretty sweet too.

More of Patrick’s work: