2020 Micro-Grant Winner: Martin Greenwood

About Martin:

Martin Greenwood has been a volunteer firefighter in Australia since he was 17. Monday-Friday and usually all weekend he works behind a desk running the office of a politician and being a husband and a dad. When he can he is a Deputy Captain in the Australian Capital Territory Rural Fire Service – Rivers Brigade documenting his experiences with bushfires and prescribed burns on whatever camera is closest to hand.

Grant Category: Videography

International Winner: Australia

Australian Bushfire Experience

Project Vision:

The 2019-20 fire season was the worst in Australia’s recorded history – everything burnt, everyone was affected. As the season came to a close COVID-19 struck and the ‘black summer’ season has been consigned to be a distant memory.  For many the season repeated the past. The Millennium Drought led into the 2003 firestorm that hit Canberra and led to the loss of hundreds of homes and 4 lives – many of the firefighters who went through 2003 went through a similar experience in 2020 and this project will aim to capture and tell their stories.

Previous Work:

Favorite thing about firefighting:

It is a bit of everything. I’ve worked on land and on private property that you would never experience in any other way. The most intense experiences and the most boring experiences.

More of Martin’s work: