2019 Micro-Grant Winner: Garrett Shepard

About Garrett:

I have spent the last seven seasons working for the forest service, first as a wilderness ranger, then as a member of a fuels crew, and now as one of the Prineville hotshots. This is my second season with Prineville and I am excited to get back to work in our nations forests!

Grant Category: Photography

Project Vision:

I plan on taking a photo every day, and stitching it together at the end of the season. The life of a hotshot can be as boring as it is exciting, and representing the highs and lows will hopefully give insight into what the job actually consists of.

Previous Work:

Favorite thing about wildland firefighting:

Getting to witness the power of fire first hand. In this job we get to see things that the rest of the world only gets to see in photos. Words cant do justice to witnessing wildfire first hand.

More of Garrett’s Work:

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