2019 Micro-Grant Winner: Bre Orcasitas

About Bre:

Fresh air keeps me sane while physical exertion helps my brain from turning into an atrophied blob of mush. I am nomadic by nature and habit. I will make unscheduled stops for sunsets, ice cream socials, sidewalk chalk shenanigans, polar bear plunges, tree climbing and countless other smile inducing endeavors at random.

Writing has always been a bit of a catharsis for me and as life has ticked on I eventually mustered up the courage to put my writing out into the world and in doing so I have recognized that it is perhaps the best way I can contribute to our fire community; by offering a voice to touch on things that matter to the many.


Grant Category: Writing

Project Vision:

My project vision is to stay engaged in the fire world around me and to pull at the thread that has a connection point to us all. Once I find that connection point I intend to develop a 3 part blog series to share. Across the board I try my best to operate in the here-and-now, which requires a dash of trust and a smidgen of patience when it comes to writing.


Previous Work:

Favorite thing about firefighting:

My favorite thing is theā€¦ all of it. Well, minus someone slamming a port-a-potty door at 5am or getting a stick in the eye, etc. but otherwise, yep, all of it.

More of Bre’s work:

Bre’s Blog